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"Welcome to the Citizen's Journal. The CJ is a growing community of like-minded moderates who are tired of the main stream media that has become so biased, you can't actually piece together the news without reviewing a ton of different sources, endless cross-referencing and fact checking, and a massive dose of skepticism to recognize their biases. Add to that politicians that continually prove they will say whatever they think we want to hear in order to gain power, and it becomes almost impossible to get a sense of what's really going on in the world so you can make an informed decision. Join us today and become part of a community that is taking back their power. The news on this site is user-aggregated, which means you submit and review the stories, have a conversation with people from different political perspectives, and only the best most reliable news will be posted. CJ is a troll-free zone. If you can only offer unsubstantiated opinion or ad hominem attacks as a replacement for real discourse, then this is not the site for you. We're looking to build a community that can have a real effect on our world. Welcome to the CJ!"
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